Welcome to BenchMarketing

As the smart person you are, you have allready figured out that BenchMarketing is contraction of Benchmark and Marketing, two very important parts of my professional life. I thought of this name while driving home from work one evening. I wasnt the first in the world… but the first in Denmark.

I later decided to use this domain as a brain extension. I needed a place to gather all the good ideas I got, or stubled upon…. or stole with pride.¬†And while we are on the topic of stealing: I do not claim any ownership of any of these ideas. Most of the content of this site is common knowledge and tricks of the trade. I have just compiled them so it can be accessed easily, nomatter where I am.

Please fell free to have a look see, and drop me a comment if you find something good.. or bad.

Best regards


P.S. This is not a news blog. You wont hear anything first here. It is a library.. not a newsstand. ;)

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