I remember many years ago, working as a desktop publisher, and participating in a series of meetings with various ad agencies pitching for our account, one of the contestants presented the AIDA model as the method for their work. I was very impressed with this model, but a more experienced co-worker quickly dismissed the model as being entry-level and simple, and for many years I adopted that stand point.

Now, some 15 years I am reading a book about Effective Advertising (a danish book by Claus Due called “Annoncer der virker”) and that entire book is about ad performance. The startingpoint of that entire book is the AIDA model, and I now see that my initial gut feeling were correct, and that I have not beeing doing that model justice the last 15 years.

The reason that the AIDA model is so cool, are several:

1. It’s an ad checklist. Does it create attention? Does it keep the reader Interested? Do the reader end up desiring the advertised product? Does the add provide the info needed for reader to react? A single ad might not need to check every box on the list, but your campaign must, and your individual add must fill its place in the sales funnel.

2. It is a great model for anchoring the different processes happening when experiencing your add, and many of the advertising topics and Ad KPI’s like Ad Recall, brand awareness etc can be hooked up to various points in the AIDA model.


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