Marketing towards men and women with one creative

Is it possible to use the same creative, marketing toward a female and male target using the only one creative. On the B2B market it probably is, because you a marketing towards a professional archetype more than a personal archetype, and since there is a media purchase category called “Persons” (instead of male or female) it probably is.
The question should therefore be: Is it, or when is it, a good idea to split your marketing budget in two pools? One for the girls and one for the boys.

when I get the time….

I will do a study analyzing the gender bias of commercials booked in a P(ersons) media group. Is there a gender difference in the way a commercial is percieved, and most of all liked? And how large is it.

There is no point to testing commercials placed in a Male or Female media group. Anti aging cream and hair dye commercials will appeal more to women than commercials for tuning exhausts will.

Banner shortlist

1. Stop effect

The elusive mysterious forever wanted Stop effect. What makes the viewer focus on your banner. The viewer didnt come for your banner, so your banner must be interesting enough to distract the viewers steal the attention.

2. Banner placement – Physical and in the conversion pipeline

When Kottler wrote Marketing Management, one of the points was that you allways need to create the demand in ýour advertising. The only place you could skip that, and only provide the solution, was in the phone book / yellow pages. If someone where looking up plumbers in the yellow pages, they probably allready had a plumbing problem.

However with todays Behavioral Targeting….


3. Call to action on as large a part of the banner as possible.

No need to have the viewer wait to perform the action you want him to. If he is ready on slide 2, why have him wait for the “Do it” button on slide 5.

4. Every “slide” must make sense.

You never know when the viewer suddently pays attention to your banner, so no matter when the viewer “enters” he must be caught and retained. A long series of uncoherrent arguments will send the viewer straight on to the next eye catcher.