Marketing towards men and women with one creative

Is it possible to use the same creative, marketing toward a female and male target using the only one creative. On the B2B market it probably is, because you a marketing towards a professional archetype more than a personal archetype, and since there is a media purchase category called “Persons” (instead of male or female) it probably is.
The question should therefore be: Is it, or when is it, a good idea to split your marketing budget in two pools? One for the girls and one for the boys.

when I get the time….

I will do a study analyzing the gender bias of commercials booked in a P(ersons) media group. Is there a gender difference in the way a commercial is percieved, and most of all liked? And how large is it.

There is no point to testing commercials placed in a Male or Female media group. Anti aging cream and hair dye commercials will appeal more to women than commercials for tuning exhausts will.