About Michael Warburg

Name: Michael Warburg

Age: 39

Education: Economics / Copenhagen Business School

Computer Skills: Google Analytics Certified Individual, Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and FrameMaker (previous version). Super User of Microsoft Excel and Adobe InDesign.

Hobbies: Karate, Free Diving, Photography and cooking

Online presence for Michael Warburg:

LinkedIN (Online CV and auto updated Rolodex)

FaceBook (Im actually not that present on FaceBook. I just use it to keep track of the outer circles)

Google+ (My close friends are not FaceBook people, so Google+ has been the place where we share music and tech links, images of culinary experiments, holiday snaps etc.)

Istockphoto (My stock photo portfolio. A hobby I used to spend a lot of time on)

Since this page also serves as a SEO experiment for Michael Warburg, I’ll just write Michael Warburg again: Michael Warburg

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