The buying process

This model describes the buying process for a larger good. That could be Mars bar or a Mercedes, depending on your vallet, but I would guess that this process is relevant for purchases from €100 and up for the average Danish family.

The buying process can be divided into the following steps:

1. The General Purchase descision. This is where the financial situation is considered, and if its a “go”, a price range is decided.
I.e. Are we going on vacation this year. If Yes, how much can we afford to spend.

2. The specific Purchase descision. OK. We are in the €2.000 holiday bracket. What are the options. 1 week in a mediocre family resort in Mallorca, Three weeks of semi local camping or a week-end in LeMans watching the 24 hour race.

3. The Selection. Well Dad was overruled…again…. so no LeMans this year either. We are going 1 week to Mallorca. Which travel agents is offering what in our price range? And this is not just hotels and locations.Add ons like additional luggage, financing, airport to hotel transfer etc. are being considered here.

4. The actual purchase. This fase is still interesting for the retail POS marketeer, but for the media marketeer, the battle is either won or lost at this point.


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